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The 10 Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Concrete Washing

Updated: Jan 19


Taking concrete patios, driveways, and walkways for granted is pretty straightforward. After all, they seem unbeatable as we walk and drive over them daily. And yes, concrete is stable until it is not.

Knowing how to maintain concrete can make a huge difference in your life as you will save massive trouble down the road. With proper cleaning, sealing, and maintenance, concrete is an asset that can last for years.

In this article, here are the 10 best pieces of advice you could ever get about concrete pressure washing.

Let's dive deep!

1.Seal It: Concrete should permanently be sealed with the help of a sealant to repel moisture and resist stains. While it appears as a rock, concrete usually is porous. It absorbs water quickly. And in that case, it is not suitable for its longevity.

For newly poured concrete, experts recommend not applying any sealer until the concrete ultimately cures, which takes around 28 days.

2. Clean It: Oils and other chemical stains look bad on concrete and lead to concrete deterioration. Because concrete is porous, it is the best way to clean any stain immediately before the material starts damaging it.

There are different ways for driveway cleaning; find the one which suits your specific needs and make it look attractive.

3. Avoid Dissolve Chemicals: Experts suggest that dissolving chemicals can damage concrete, especially if it's a year old. Dissolving chemicals with ammonium nitrates and ammonium sulfates are harmful because they attack the concrete chemically.

On the other hand, rock salt or calcium chloride does less damage but harms vegetation. Using sand and thoroughly shovelings off snow and ice is the best alternative.

4. Limit Weight: Concrete is durable, but residential concrete is not designed to hold weighty materials. While your driveway is capable of the weight of everyday vehicles, but not equipped to handle oversized vehicles like delivery trucks or loaded trucks.

Make sure these vehicles stay on the road and keep heavy-weight machines away from your concrete driveway to maintain their life.

5. Check for Cracks: Make sure to check concrete foundation walls, floors, and slabs for cracking and deterioration as a part of maintenance.

Some cracks are slightly small and can be repaired. But it's time to call a professional if you decide to clean your concrete driveway and find the crack is deep.

6. Pouring: The ideal temperature for cleaning / pouring concrete must be between 50 and 90 degrees. Otherwise, it can damage it. Too cold water can cause concrete to expand and contract, creating cracks.

Too hot water can set the concrete faster but is unsuitable for its strength. In short, concrete must be adequately cured for its maximum durability and longevity.

7. Paint is not Going to Help: Paint doesn't adhere well to moist concrete. So, if you plan to do concrete washing and then paint, forget it.

Try to know if your concrete has a moisture problem or not using this way; cut a piece of 16*16 plastic sheeting and fix it to the floor with duct tape on all sides.

After 24 hours, peel off the plastic and see if there is any condensation or dark area on the concrete floor. If not, you can paint. Otherwise, it is time to go for a concrete pressure washing service.

8. Avoid Contact with Fertilizers: Never ever use fertilizer ingredients for your concrete. Also, concrete must be protected from exposure to liquid fertilizers used in lawns. Furthermore, avoid aggressive ice chisels and other tools that can damage concrete surfaces.

9. Drain Water Immediately: Drain the water away from concrete so that it won't get saturated on the surface and cause settlement cracks that will cost you tons of money.

10. Consult an Expert: If you cannot maintain and properly care for your concrete driveways, you can consult an expert nearby. They will help you with all the maintenance by offering power washing services.


Ultimately, we can say that prevention is better than cure. Appropriately maintaining concrete can ensure an excellent-looking slab for a long time.

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You can hire their professionals to maintain concrete driveways on your property at a reasonable rate.

They believe in educating their customers with all the necessary details about concrete washing which can help reduce the problems. Get a free estimation at paver cleaning services from them today.

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