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Roof Pressure Washing Tips and Tricks 2023

Updated: Jan 19

Roof Pressure Washing Tips and Tricks
Roof Pressure Washing Tips and Tricks

How are the effects of fungi, bacteria, rain, sunlight, lichens, moss, and mould on roofs treated or avoided?

While there are unquestionable benefits to utilizing roof pressure washing to clean your roof, there are also some demerits.

A pressure washer can be used in an infinite number of different ways. Some individuals even power wash a roof. But is this a good idea? And the answer to this is it depends.

Today, in this article, discover the demerits of pressure washing a roof and a few tricks and techniques you need to follow.

Let's get started!

Is Pressure Wash a Roof Necessary?

You must maintain your home because it is your most valuable investment. Your roof is one component that needs a lot of maintenance and care.

Neglecting it may result in harm that slowly accumulates over time. This is why it is in your best interest to get your roof inspected and cleaned twice a year.

Now you must be thinking :

● Am I able to pressure wash a roof by myself?

● Can I clean my roof without hiring any soft washing company?

● Is pressure washing the most effective method for removing fungi from my roof?

Below are all the answers to these questions.

Techniques for Pressure Washing a Roof

Roof Power Washing is riskier than it appears to be. There are a few tips that you should follow if you want to pressure wash a roof by yourself. Here are the tips that you should consider :

1. Begin with the Ladder - Step down the ladder and move to the opposite corner of the roof while facing the ladder since you don't want to spray yourself into a corner. This way, you won't risk stepping on any damp tiles.

2. Examine the Roof - Look for any problematic areas or places requiring extra cleaning and repair. Before you start roof pressure cleaning, complete this step. Knowing what you are up against will help you prevent unpleasant surprises that can slow down the pressure washing job.

3. Start with a Detergent - Start by killing any mould, algae or moss that might have developed with a detergent. Using a foamer is the ideal method for applying the detergent.

The areas with the most algae should have the detergent left on them for a little longer. You will need to wash less when you use more cleanser.

4. Try Lower Setting - Some pressure washers can rip a hole in the drywall at their high setting. Setting it at low power and adjusting it up and down till you get the proper flow is the best method for finding the ideal setting.

5. Always Spray Down - Try to spray downward rather than upward. This helps prevent the water from being trapped and damaging the mould growth.

6. Check Any Damages - You might not be able to see the damage at eye level when standing. So, checking that the pressure is manageable is essential. It is best to clean and prevent damage as you go for extra precautions.

Demerits of Pressure Washing a roof

It is advised to avoid pressure washing a roof by yourself if you are unsure that you can do long-term damage. It is risker to apply forces over what your home's roof can handle. Following are a few demerits of pressure washing a roof ;

1. You Can Get Hurt - Even if you use water from your garden hose to fill your pressure washer, an old hose's water cannot compare to a pressure washer's. The force of the pressure washer can hurt your back badly.

In addition to the risk of injury from the force of water, study user instructions to use a pressure washer.

2. Pressure Washers Can Be Too Powerful - Due to their extreme force, pressure washing can be too much for some surfaces to handle. Exterior surfaces which cannot stand high pressure will start to break off and may even split.

The washer pressure can also damage the painted surface and make the paint peel off. Before starting pressure washing, research the area you want to clean. It will help you create a beautiful, clean home rather than an expensive disaster.

3. Be Cautious - In addition to the water that comes from pressure washers to clean surfaces, many chemicals get released along with water. These chemicals get utilized to kill and remove mould and fungi.

But on the other hand, they are unsuitable for delicate things like flowers and shrubs in your yard. So, it would help if you were cautious because you could kill the beautiful part of your garden.


In the end, it could take five to six hours to pressure wash a roof from start to finish. This is the only effective method to clean the roof with or without hiring a soft washing company.

Pressure washing is essential if you want to extend the lifespan of your roof. To get rid of dirt and debris, it is a great idea to choose pressure washing.

Also, you can find a soft washing company like Under Pressure Power Washing if you are still determining whether you can do it right. Use pressure washing services, and get assistance for high-quality roof pressure washing from us.

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